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Our Scope of Rental Services

We delivered, set-up and supported 350 PCs and 7 LCD Projectors in Orlando, FL for a software user conference. This included pre-installing unique software on all of the computers.

We delivered a 25-ft. VGA extension cord to a local hotel with 15 minutes notice.

An affiliate rental company called us to deliver an LCD projector, screen, and laptop for a drug rep’s 3-hour presentation at a Charlotte restaurant.

A local hotel arranged a 2-day rental of 21 laptops for a company coming to Charlotte to do training. The company has asked us to repeat the rental for them in Atlanta.

We delivered set up and supported 285 PCs, 51 printers and associated equipment at the LA Convention Center. Software was pre-installed. Both wired and wireless networking was involved. Concurrently, equipment was delivered and supported for user groups at 5 LA hotels.

We delivered two 80” LED TV w stands to a booth at the Charlotte Convention Center for a 2-day show.

A Virginia company rented 37 laptops for a 2 month field project.

A tax preparation service rents PCs and printers each year for the tax season.

We received a call at 2 p.m. one afternoon from a company in Atlanta needing three high-end notebooks by 4 p.m. delivered to an employee in a hotel in Charlotte.

We have a standing arrangement with a coast-based corporation to deliver equipment to their local (Charlotte) office with 12-hours notice to enable them to continue operations in the case of a hurricane or other emergency situation.


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